ClimaWorld develops and installs high-end wellness installations throughout Europe. We developed the hardware and software for their new top-of-the line wellness control system. The system is BlueCherry IoT-connected and controls pools, spas, saunas, steamrooms and virtualy any type of wellness accommodation.

TelSmart is a VoIP (Voice over IP) operator for SME and large enterprise. We developed the hardware and software for the TelSmart IoT Box. This small device enables them to remotely manage the IP phones and monitor the conversation quality. TelSmart could thus improve customer satisfaction and improve support staff efficiency.

MeCoDo is the high-end IoT-connected wellness control by SwimControl. All hardware and software was developed by BlueCherry. The system is rewarded for it's quality and versatility. The BlueCherry platform scales with the company as they are rolling out their system throughout Europe.

The Zora robot is a humanoid robot developed to be used in health care. Zora is deployed with elderly people in residential care, in schools and hospitals. We developed the WiFi connectivity located in Zora's head.

WiFy, short for Wireless Information For You, is a brand new customer communication system. It's a virtual billboard which enables customers to receive real-time information, promotions, ... without even installing an application. We developed the hardware, including the injection molded casing, and software for the WiFy transmitter. The BlueCherry IoT-connection enables business owners to update their virtual billboard any where at any time.

Rudy Strubbe refrigeration technology and air conditioning installs industrial cooling installations. We developed the hardware and software to monitor and guard temperatures. This enables their customers to be HACCP compliant without large administration overhead. BlueCherry sends out warnings, alarms and weekly reports to the owners.

DT Froid (Dépannage et technique du froid) is a refrigeration and cooling company based in Lille, France. They have a strong customer base in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. By using BlueCherry hardware and software they were able to offer an even better service to their customers. The BlueCherry hardware monitors temperature of their installations and sends notifications to their head office in case of an emergency. This way a technician can be sent out for a repair even before the customer realizes their was an error.

Dorr kältetechnik as a cooling and air conditioning company based in Würselen, Germany. The Dorr customer base is composed out of larger SME companies who need industrial reliability. By choosing the BlueCherry IoT platform and by developing their own temperature monitoring solution they now offer a state-of-the art solution.

Veenhuizen Koeltechniek is a part of the Veenhuizen group located in Voorthuizen, The Netherlands. The group focuses on 24/7 service and choose BlueCherry to create innovative IoT products to enable them to offer real 24/7 monitoring. With the use of the BlueCherry management platform they are creating a control center in which they can immediately dispatch technicians to solve problems.