Product developers (Manufacturer, OEM) starting from €20/month

In the past you would have to invest great amounts in R&D. You would also have to employ different engineers to ensure your proprietary IoT platform keeps working in the future. It distracts you from your core business en thus is not a great way to go any longer.

When you choose BlueCherry as your IoT service provider you don't need to worry about infrastructure and R&D costs. We do everything for you. This way you can focus on your core business and still have top notch IoT performance. This starts from prices as low as €20/month without any extra investment or hidden costs.

Intermediary service users €1/month

The BlueCherry IoT service platform makes it possible to reduce maintenance costs significantly. Errors can be read by the installer and new software can be installed remotely. For the maintenance companies to access the devices on the network they need an account. A BlueCherry maintenance account costs €1/month regardless the number of devices they want to access and without any connection costs.

End users €1/month

Just as with a telephone provider the end user must have an account (telephone number) to connect to others on the network. A BlueCherry account costs €1/month regardless the number of devices you wan't to connect to. And there are never any interconnection costs.

Other cloud platforms€0/month

Do you run your own cloud platform and do you want to expand your connection possibility's? You can connect to the BlueCherry network for free. We are very happy to welcome you to one of the world's first cloud IoT interconnection networks. We also support the transfer of devices to the BlueCherry platform, in this case we welcome you to set up a meeting discuss technical details.