What is an IoT service provider?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a large network of interconnected devices. Unfortunately many companies today have constructed the equivalent of walkie-talkies. Only devices they make can talk to each other and there are many flaws like interference, lack of functionality, ...

In the past these problems with walkie-talkie communication systems lead to the development of the telephone. Any telephone in the world could now connect to another telephone. A telephone service provider interconnects all these telephones and connects with other service providers to ensure a worldwide coverage.

BlueCherry is the first IoT turnkey provider. We make and maintain the infrastructure needed to connect devices to each other. We do this completely open and provide you with all the information you need to connect.


How does it work?

Just like a telephone provider we have a network running on the internet. Devices connect to this network via an 'IoT modem'. This can be the modem we supply to you or your own modem. We don't oblige you to use our IoT modem and welcome manufacturers/OEM's and home users to use their own device. Once a device is connected on this network it gets an address, just like a phone number. You can now connect to this device with your computer, smartphone, tablet, ... Their is no need to install a proprietary smartphone app and make a different account for every IoT connected device you use.