Connect anywhere

The BlueCherry IoT platform makes your device accessible from anywhere without the need to change settings in firewalls, modems, ...


Easy to implement

We offer you the complete solution. We implement CE certified hardware, an open source cloud platform and even the end user application


Save time

Without the need to change your existing hardware you can join the IoT revolution right now. Cut costs by saving time as you manage everything from your office.

One partner, one complete solution.

BlueCherry is the first IoT (Internet of Things) service provider giving a turnkey service to your company. It is so simple anybody can make their own connected devices and versatile enough for even the biggest multinationals. We have made a universal IoT modem, platform software and provide the cloud network just as any internet/telephone provider would. If you are a manufacturer we also write the application interface specially for your device without any startup fee. One partner, one complete solution.

BlueCherry IoT modem
This flexible CE certified board connects to virtually anything. We can connect your existing and new products and make them IoT ready. You can even design a whole product and run your software and hardware with the IoT modem as the basis.
BlueCherry IoT cloud platform
This is where the magic begins. Connect to any device in the BlueCherry IoT network using a single account. No firewall settings, no port-forwarding, no hassle.
Universal connectivity
The IoT modem has built in WiFi and Ethernet, but supports many USB 4G, 3G and 2G (edge, gprs) modems. This way you can connect from anywhere and never worry about setting things up. Or use redundant connections for ultimate stability.